10 Best Places to Get Website Hosting Companies for Sale

Searching for web hosting companies for sale and investment opportunities is a surefire approach to getting into everything if you want to purchase or invest in a web hosting or domain hosting company.

However, before deciding on the platform to get website hosting companies for sale, you want to ensure that this place you visit has been around for some time and that you will get potential sellers whom you won’t regret patronizing.

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You can begin by presenting yourself to an investor or a business buyer and sending them your proposal as quickly as appropriate, depending on the website you visit. Also, by using any of the websites suggested in this article, you can avoid the headaches of fruitless searches and exhausting online browsing.

Best Places to Get Website Hosting Companies for Sale

1. Smergers

Smergers’ membership base consists of many entities, such as people, companies, family offices, banks, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and so forth. Smergers asserts that there are pre-screened businesses for sale in over 900 different industries and over 100 different nations. As a buyer, you can come across companies that are trying to sell everything, invest, or apply for a loan for their company.

The platform offers top companies the opportunity to collaborate and flourish. To speak with brand owners directly and buy franchises, wholesalers, and sales bureaus, all you need to do is sign up as an investor.


  • Every business, investor, buyer, and advisor profile on Smergers is pre-approved by platform analysts.
  • Your privacy is of utmost importance to Smergers. The administrators may only selectively disclose your identity to interested and genuine parties
  • You get a fair valuation. You can compare and benchmark your business with hundreds of private companies in your location from the same industry.
  • Smergers is a Global Network. This way, interested people can connect with businesses, investors, franchises, buyers, and financial advisors across the globe.


  • The profile creation and review process may not be thorough enough, as there have been claims of fake profiles, identity fraud, and impersonation.
  • Customer support at Smergers doesn’t have the best reviews.

2. Web Hosting Talk

Web Hosting Talk is a website for buying web hosting businesses that also offers discussions on all elements of web hosting, such as prior experiences (both good and bad), picking a host, questions, and answers, and other relevant topics. The platform’s questions are pertinent to anyone looking to purchase web hosting services from either the Web Hosting Talk website or outside of it. The topics of discussion you’d probably find on Web Hosting Talk include:

Running a web hosting business – Running a web hosting company using non-technical components. The subjects covered include management, bookkeeping, dealing with difficult clients, taxes, and support options.

Domain names – The search for domain resellers and registrars. The discussion of domain-related matters, such as domain registration, DNS transfers, domain reselling, etc.

E-commerce hosting and discussion – When addressing eCommerce solutions, talk about merchant accounts, online banking, shopping carts, billing systems, and payment processors for web hosting.


  • The platform handles other web hosting-related requests besides purchases.
  • Web Hosting Talk includes community reviews on sellers


  • Some member forums require premium or corporate membership for participation.
  • No offers or contact requests of any kind are allowed, transactions must be on-site.

3. DealStream

Another website where you can find web hosting companies for sale is DealStream. DealStream, formerly known as MergerNetwork, is a global marketplace for the purchase and sale of enterprises, real estate, oil and gas assets, private investments, and other goods for use by businesses. DealStream was established in 1995 and now boasts over 620,000 users across 200 nations.

DealStream introduced MergerNetwork, a website for buying and selling businesses, in May 1995. One of the earliest Internet marketplaces is this one. Soon after, the platform debuted tailored listing recommendations and automated search agents.

DealStream currently processes 500,000 member registrations, offers dealmakers social networking capabilities, and protects members with fraud detection software. So don’t be afraid to use DealStream to conduct as many deals as you like with interested sellers.


  • Offers additional services including buyer plans, seller plans, and advertising.


  • Has been caught up in the web of claims to fake links and long broker chains, which could affect trust in the long run.

4. Mergers Corp

On MergersCorp M&A International, you may find the best hosting businesses that are now available for purchase. A team at Mergers Corp. is in charge of selecting and touring businesses to see which ones best satisfy your needs.

Every web hosting business they are thinking about buying has a dossier that comprises financial records, a description of the facilities, a list of the available services, upkeep records, and any other relevant paperwork.


  • Preliminary due diligence – Mergers Corp will arrange a conference call with you to analyze the properties you are interested in.
  • Once you have decided on a business, the website carries out the necessary legal checks and puts forward your offer.


  • The website does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a verified recommendation.
  • No investment advice or warnings for red flags

5. Dalton’s business

For purchasing or selling businesses and franchises, Daltons Business is among the top websites in the UK. The Daltons Weekly newspaper was produced from 1867 to 2011, and Daltons Business was introduced in 2002 as its online counterpart. As the leading platform in the UK for matching buyers and sellers of businesses and franchises, the Daltons brand is well-established and well-known.

The largest UK online marketplace of businesses for sale is made up of hundreds of listings that commercial agents and business owners directly post. Additionally, Daltons Company offers the best franchise and business possibilities in the UK.

Dalton’s Business is a one-stop shop for domain and web hosting companies up for sale worldwide. Every week, the platform welcomes more than 20,000 new firms. Inquiring is a good place to start.


  • Buyers are liable to agents
  • Access listings of businesses and franchises for Sale


  • The stereotype that some staff is very helpful and some are just after your money is not strange to Dalton’s Business.
  • There’s no efficient way to sift out the time wasters, so ensure your questions are very specific so you don’t fall victim to starting a competitor business instead of a similar business.

6. Corporate Finance in Europe

Corporate Finance in Europe is a network of independent M&A advisers with a concentration on businesses with a value of between 4 and 100 million euros. It is well known for assisting European business owners sell their enterprises. To get the best price for their sellers, they search for foreign buyers. You are eligible to purchase properties upon signing up.

CFIE is an expert at purchasing businesses. The company’s M&A advisers have completed numerous acquisitions in their respective businesses and have real-world operational expertise in that industry. Each advisor concentrates on a specific number of carefully chosen industries. Find out more about their M&A services to get going.

Now and then, businesses are auctioned off in Corporate Finance in Europe. Recently, CFIE updated its Hosting Companies Section, so you can find several hosting businesses you can buy.


  • Besides purchasing website companies for sale, you can access more business opportunities that you can pursue on the site with their many resources.
  • All customers are liable to agents


  • They only work with people that have proven, high-quality M&A skills and experience. This applies to both buyer and seller
  • The web of purchase protocols may be overwhelming for a first-time buyer.

7. Host Flippers

Host Flippers was chosen as the first and only marketplace for selling successful, established web hosting companies in 2022. The platform’s extensive hosting industry knowledge enables it to offer a straightforward, stress-free solution that inspires confidence in both the buyer and seller.

Customers are allegedly guided through the entire process by the platform, from choosing the ideal buyer to ensuring they will receive what they desire. So, all you have to do to gain a head start on your innovative organization or to increase your current firm significantly is to go to the Host Flippers marketplace if you are sick of making those stressful 2 a.m. phone calls.

You may select your next investment and acquire the data you need to choose by simply visiting the Host Flippers marketplace.


  • The company has a smart escrow Service that protects both sides of the transaction with integrated, secure escrow payments.


  • Customers may be restricted from viewing the real price of a property before setting a minimum reserve and making counter-offers with a few clicks.
  • The inspection period after placing a bid could become a long wait, exceeding 14 days.

8. Miss Hosting

By providing excellent customer service, complete migration with little to no downtime, and the chance to expand their businesses with the website, this website gives a fantastic home for their clients. Miss Hosting acknowledges the uniqueness of every acquisition and believes that each one is special. You can count on the Miss Hosting staff to take a professional process to achieve that your search for a reputable website hosting seller isn’t in vain because they view all sales as possibilities.


  • When you buy a hosting package from Miss Hosting you become eligible for discounts.
  • Miss Hosting runs backups on its environment each night so members get their files restored if something should happen
  • A dedicated and friendly support
  • 45 days money-back guarantee.


  • Miss Hosting has issues with poor error messages, which could be a hassle for buyers. Their UI feedback could be improved.

9. Biz Buy Sell

Website hosting businesses for sale are listed on the internet business marketplace, Biz Buy Sell. BizBuySell is a highly regarded internet directory that claims to have helped over 100,000 successful sales for both buyers and sellers.


  • Search for and buy a business on the spot
  • Listings of only established businesses
  • Access to asset sales


  • Poor customer support
  • The platform is very clunky and difficult to navigate and search as a buyer
  • The verification process for sellers at Biz Buy Sell may not be thorough, as there have been many claims of finding only a few legit businesses on the site, hence, buyers are advised to do their research before any purchase.

10. The Host Broker

The Host Broker is an organization committed to assisting people who want to expand their IT services firm through an investment. Professional M&A and brokering advising services are available from The Host Broker.

If you’re trying to buy a web hosting business, MSP, data center, domain name, or IP address block, The Host Broker is a safe pick among the many IT Service Provider Opportunities for Sale. Customers can access The Host Broker’s most recent market information on offers by simply signing up or contacting them.


  • Customers can get a free evaluation
  • One-on-one contact with sellers minus the third-party protocols
  • The Host Broker posts testimonials from customers now and then


  • Buyers are not fully liable to agents. On the contrary, having a staff or seller stay with you to help with your business transition or growth will limit your available options.
  • The equipment is not usually included in the price. There may be an exception for buyers with a better cost structure than the seller.

Conclusion: Best Places to Get Website Hosting Companies for Sale

Offering customers, a free or paid website with additional protection at a fair price is the goal of website hosting companies. Additionally, a lot of individuals would love to be a part of such a vision, given how important web hosting businesses are to the success of popular websites, programs, and web-based attractions.

The challenge is finding reliable websites where legitimate website hosting firms are listed for sale. The listings in this guide should keep you from invading the market without knowing what to watch out for. Also, it is important to check out some of the simple ways to start a profitable web hosting business from anywhere. If necessary, read through again and take note of the websites you need to visit in your search for a web hosting company to buy.

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