3 Simple Ways to Become a Well-Paid Website Developer/Blogger

If you desire to include website designing business into your blog, this lesson provides you with one of the coolest ways to draw international clients who can pay you in your desired currencies.

With your own blog there will be no need for so much struggle to seal deals to continuously expand your income.

Without further explanation, let me break down the three simple things that you must do, if you desire to start making money from your skills as a website developer.

You don’t need to even know how to write codes and do programming, at the end of this guide, you will learn how to learn a simple website design skill.

Ultimately, you will master hacks that will help you create sustainable income as a solution provider.

Get a payment card

You may need either a card or a Paypal account. The reason is you will be making your payments from this moment.

If you live in some countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, you need to learn about your government policy around online payments in different currencies.

I am in Nigeria and dollar prepaid card is what I use for online payments.

Secondly, you may need to create a Paypal account. Many web platforms accept payments in Paypal.

You are going to be making a lot of payments.

Also, to get a verified Paypal account to make payment in some platforms such as website hosting, plugins and theme, you will need a functional dollar card for your business.

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Create a portfolio website or a Blog

As a website developer, what you require to sell is a portfolio website that entail your services.

That website can stand as your sample, and it all depends on the number of features you can include and also display to your prospects.

A portfolio website is the best sample the sample you need, your certificate and your CV as a website developer.

One of the reasons is because other websites you may design could come under non-disclosure terms that won’t permit you to utilize them as samples to future clients.

On the other hand, as a blogger you need a website with custom domain (such as Jobreaders.org) and not www.james.blogspot.com. The professional domain name makes your work show up more serious and viable for partnerships.

Selling Consent or Gigs

Just as a blogger can create optimized content to make money through ads, a blogger who is a website developer, can also create content that target business who are potential website design clients.

In-case you’re yet to start, selling your website design skills as gigs through freelance platforms and via other methods could help you earn more money.

About blogging, it may not take the same exactly same efforts as it you may need to styart earning descent income as a blogger.

To help you deepenmd your knwoeledge about profitable blogging, feel free to watch a more detailed video on how we make earn over $4000 every single month from some content marketing strategies.

Leverage Partnership and other Monetization Methods

There are just several ways you can start earning income from the comfort of your home as a blogger or website developer.

However, leveraging on partnership with viable community, professional journeys are made pretty simple and to become a well-paid website developer, you can apply same principle.

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